Fall Chevrolet Service Maintenance Tips

October 4th, 2022 by

Fall Chevrolet Service Maintenance Tips

Fall Chevrolet Service Maintenance Tips

Prepare Your Chevrolet for Fall Weather in Tampa, FL

After an oppressively hot summer in Florida, a comfortably cool fall is the perfect time for Chevrolet maintenance. The service center at Morgan Chevrolet near Clearwater has factory-trained and certified technicians who can perform routine maintenance like oil changes, tire rotations, brake repair, and car battery replacement service.

Fall is the Perfect Time for Chevrolet Maintenance

As the seasons change, Chevrolet vehicles benefit from inspections and routine maintenance. Because fall and winter weather in Florida is cooler than the summer, your Chevy’s air conditioning system gets a break – making it the perfect time for an HVAC inspection. Our technicians will look at the components under the hood and in the cabin to ensure everything works properly. If the technicians find any problems, they will alert your service advisor who can help you schedule a follow-up appointment.

When the technicians are checking the HVAC system, they can also remove and replace your cabin air filter. During the summer, the filter picks up dirt, pollen, and dust from the Florida roads. Eventually, the filter clogs and starts to stink. It also blows dirt and pollen into your Chevy’s cabin. With a new filter, you’ll be able to breathe clean air when you turn on your heat or air conditioning and roll up the windows.

Another beneficial fall service tip is changing your wiper blades. During the rainy season, your wiper blades work hard to maintain visibility, so they wear out quickly. Our certified service experts can replace them with new wiper blades that keep your windshield clean as the weather changes.

Additional Fall Car Care Tips

Every Chevrolet has a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan with schedules for oil changes, transmission fluid flushes, brake system inspections and repairs, and more. At every oil change visit, our technicians complete a multi-point inspection to evaluate wear-and-tear components by checking your tire tread depth, windshield washer fluid, brake pads, and more. Your service advisor will review the results so you can plan your next visits to take care of safety and powertrain needs.

The newest Chevrolet models usually need oil changes every 7,000 to 10,000 miles depending on your driving habits. When it’s time for an oil change, we invite you to use our online service scheduling form and to check out our latest service specials for money-saving coupons.

Fall is also the perfect time for battery inspections – especially for Chevrolet vehicles with more than 40,000 miles. Our service technicians will check your battery and the terminals to determine the life of your battery.

Service Your Chevrolet at the Best Dealership near Ybor City

The best dealership for Chevrolet service is Morgan Chevrolet in Tampa, Florida. Our factory-trained and certified technicians use only genuine OEM parts from General Motors to keep your Chevy running like new.